Lone Star Aero Club - 1998 Meetings

• January 8, 1998 -
Jay Miller showed us slides from his impressive slide collection, and
Buster Cleveland showed a video of the first flight of the first pre-production F-22 Raptor.

• February 5, 1998 -
John Shinn gave an extremely interesting presentation on his career as a Lockheed U-2 pilot for the Central Intelligence Agency. John was the pilot who ferried U-2B Article 360 (56-6693) to Peshawar, Pakistan on 27 April 1960 for Gary Francis Powers infamous flight on 01 May 1960.

• March 5, 1998 - This month
Fiske Hanley told us of his experiences as a World War 2 Japanese Prisoner of War (POW). Fiske was a Flight Engineer on B-29s, and was shot down on his seventh mission on 27 March 1945. He was taken prisoner and held in captivity until the end of the war. Fiske has written a book of his ordeal entitled Accused American War Criminal.

• April 2, 1998 - Aerobatic pilot and Dallas businessman
Jan Collmer gave an action-packed presentation of his flying career, starting as a U.S. Navy pilot in 1956 to his current flights as an airshow pilt in his Extra 300L. Jan showed cockpit videos of his flight routines, and told us of his plans for the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field.

• May 7, 1998 -
Ed Phillips is the local bureau chief for Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, and has also written books on the histories of aviation companies Travel Air and Cessna. Ed's presentation focused on Travel Air, a manufacturer log out of business now, that played a key role in the development of commercial and private aur transportation in the U.S.

• June 4, 1998 -
John Magee, Director of Model 609 Integrated Product Development at
Bell Helicopter Textron, gave a presentation on Bell's Model 609 commercial tilt-rotor program. John was Chief Engineer and Program Manager of the Bell/NASA/Army XV-15 program. The Model 609 is a commercial derivative of the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.

• July, 1998 - (no meeting, 4th of July holiday)

• August 6, 1998 - A casual meeting this month as
Jay Miller showed us more slides from his impressive slide collection.

• September 3, 1998 - Noted club member
Harry Hillaker returns as this month's speaker, giving a first-hand history Harry's own pride and joy, the General Dynamics F-16XL program. Harry gave a complete rundown on how the F-16XL design evolved, how the flight test program was conducted, and why the F-15E was declared victorious in the ensuing Dual Role Fighter (DRF) competition.

• October 1, 1998 - This month the
Convair B-58 Hustler program was highlighted. Our own Jay Miller has just finished a documentary on the B-58 for the Wingspan Network's Great Planes series. Jay showed his advance copy of the show, featuring interviews with Harry Hillaker, Ken Timpson, J.D. McEachern and Val Prahl. Many members of the club worked on the Hustler program here in Fort Worth, so this month's meeting was someting of a B-58 reunion.

• November 5, 1998 - The role of the helicopter in both news reporting and crime prevention was the topic this month as
Roger Smith and Byron Harris. Roger and Byron both work for local Channel 8 television station WFAA. Roger is the chief pilot for Channel 8's Eurocopter Ecureuil helicopter. Together they chronicled the unique experiences of covering such stories as the aftermath of the Delta Flight 191 crash at DFW Airport, the shootout between the ATF and David Koresh's Branch Davidians outside Waco, the Jerrell tornado, and the last minutes of Dick Rutan's around-the-world balloon attempt. Unfortunately I did not record the name of the represenatative from the Dallas Police Department also who gave an excellent account of the use of helicopters in police work, covering the spectrum from traffic control to pursuing suspects from the air. Also interesting was how the police and all the local radio and television media pilots must coordinate their efforts in sharing the airspace over and around a developing story.

• December 3, 1998 - Researchers
Jim and Carol Long presented the history of the Ezekiel Air Ship, developed in the pre-Wright Brothers era in the town of Pittsburgh, Texas. The Ezekiel Air Ship was the product of religion, money, and bliss fostered by extraordinary ignorance. Jim and Carol showed their 30-minute film of this interesting story, including the construction of a replica of the original Air Ship.