Lone Star Aero Club - 2000 Meetings

• January 6, 2000 - A casual meeting this month as
Jay Miller showed us more slides from his impressive slide collection.

• February 3, 2000 - This month's guest speaker was
Dick Spivey, Director of Tiltrotor Business Development of Bell Helicopter. Dick briefed the group emerging tilt-rotor technology and Bell's proposed Quadrotor, a concept utilizing four tilting rotor units. Dick has been involved in the engineering and design of Bell's AH-1, UH-1, 204 and 206 helicopters, as well as the XV-15 and
tiltrotor programs. Dick is also a member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Army Aviation Association of America, and the Marine Corps Aviation Association.

• March 2, 2000 - Club member
John Murphy gave an excellent presentation on Vought's Regulus II cruise missile program. The Regulus II was a Mach 2 capable cruise missile optimized for launch from surfaced submarines and other Navy surface vessels, and later served as a high-speed target drone for other weapon development programs. John was a propulsion engineer on the Regulus II program, and travelled with the program from Dallas, Texas to Edwards AFB, California; Venice, Florida; and finally to Roosevelt Roads NAS in Puerto Rico. He had many interesting stories and slides to share in his presentation.

• April 6, 2000 - We met at the
Texas Airplane Factory at Meacham Field in Fort Worth this month. Herb and George Tischler hosted us at their facility to view their two current projects - flying restorations of four Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (better known as the "Oscar"), and a rare Pearl Harbor survivor, a Grumman J2F Duck. It is always a pleasure to tour TAF, as their projects are always interesting.

• May 4, 2000 -
Major Gregory Smith spoke this month about the Northrop B-2A Spirit and it's involvement in the recent conflict in Kosovo. Greg is a B-2A instructor pilot and is the scheduling flight commander at the 394th Combat Training Squadron at Whiteman AFB, Missouri. He also flew combat missions in the B-2A, flying non-stop from Whiteman AFB to targets in Kosovo and back, and showed imagery of select aspects of these missions. Prior to his involvement with the B-2 program, Greg flew the B-52H out of Sawyer AFB, Michigan. Greg has logged over 3,600 hours including time in T-37, T-38, B-52G/H and the B-2A.

• June 1, 2000 -
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) special agents Hugh Ford, Susan Evans and Paul Klimas of the Dangerous Goods and Cargo Security Division, part of the office of Civil Aviation Security Operations, educated us on the FAA's role in the aerial transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods. Hugh is tasked with the development and management of FAA's Dangerous Goods Basic Course at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, OK. Susan and Paul are assigned to the DFW Civil Aviation Security Field Office, and both perform audits and investigations of Air Carriers, Indirect Air Carriers, Repair Stations and Shippers of hazardous materials. Together they informed us how the FAA performs compliance and enforcement functions, public awareness and outreach programs, and provides policy guidance and interpretations to air carriers and shippers.

• July, 2000 - (no meeting, 4th of July holiday)

• August 3, 2000 - This month marks a change for the group. We will be moving from our long-standing meeting place at Bodacious BBQ in Arlington to the
American Airlines C. R. Smith Aviation Museum near DFW International Airport. To initiate our new meeting place, we welcome Tom Moser, Executive Director of the Texas Aerospace Commission and retired Program Director and Deputy Associate Administrator for NASA's International Space Station Freedom. Tom's experience at NASA includes design and development of the thermal protection systems for the Apollo Command Module and Lunar Module, and the Space Shuttle Orbiter Project. As an additional treat, the C. R. Smith Museum is currently hosting an art exhibit featuring 92 original paintings by noted aviation artists including Keith Ferris, Craig Kadera and Nixon Galloway.

• September 7, 2000 -
Dave Davidson, builder, owner and pilot of a beautiful homebuilt Marquardt MA-5 Charger, spoke this month on his incredible solo filght across the Atlantic Ocean, and solo flights to Alaska and numerous Latin American and South American countries. Dave is also author of his book, Biplane Adventures, detailing his aviation experiences flying Consolidated B-24 on 50 missions in the Pacific Theater during WWII, his rebuilding and flying a deHavilland Tiger Moth, and his numerous long-distance flights in his Charger.

• October 5, 2000 - Club member (and alleged ringleader)
Jay Miller gave us a sneak preview of the third edition of his book The X-Planes. This exhaustive history covers every X-Plane program from the legendary Bell X-1 through the latest offically announced Boeing X-45 UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle). This latest edition will cover 432 pages with approximately 1,250 illustrations in 49 chapters. The completed manuscript goes to the publisher in January 2001.

• November 2, 2000 -
Isolde Baur has lived in the DFW area since she and her late husband Karl Baur moved here from Germany after WWII as part of Operation Paperclip. Isolde provided us with considerable insight into her experiences and those of her late husband Karl, who was chief test pilot for Messerschmitt Flugzeugbau during WWII. In this position, Karl knew founder and designer Willie Messerschmitt, and world speed record setter Fritz Wendel (469 mph in the Me 209 on April 29, 1939). Karl was chief test pilot for the Me 109, Me 309 and the Me 262, and also worked on the Me 264 ("New York Bomber"). Isolde spoke of the difficulties she and her husband endured living under the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler, and how these difficulties affected the advancement of aviation during that time. Isolde is in her late 70s, and experiencing these first-hand memories was a rare treat for all in attendance.

• December 7, 2000 - Many of our club members are avid aviation photographers, and
Gary Bihary is one them. Gary works for air cargo company DHL so he has lots of opportunity to fly to airports and air bases in pursuit of his passion. He's covered many different Red Flag exercises in Nevada, numerous Air Tattoo meets in England, and more than a few William Tell events in Florida. Gary assembled many of his best shots for a unique slide presentation for those of us less fortunate in our travel opportunities.