Lone Star Aero Club - 2002 Meetings

• January, 2002 - no meeting this month, Happy New Year!!!

• February 7, 2002 - Airplane designer
Ralph Mong entertained us with his experiences as a Bell Model 47D helicopter mechanic in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico in the early 1950s. Ralph supplemented his talk with many original Kodachrome slides, still displaying excellent image quality and color. In sad news, not only did we lose WWII and Korean War Ace Francis "Gabby" Gabreski this past month, but club member Harry Williams lost his battle with cancer on 18 January 2002. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Harry's family.

• March 7, 2002 -
Col. Knox Bishop, USAF Ret., and Curator of the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field, presented a program covering much of his aviation career, including 118 combat missions over Southeast Asia flying the B-52 Stratofortress. Knox also flew the FB-111A, KC-135R and B-1B during his career. His officail duties ranged from the Strategic Air Command, Congreesional Actions Advisor, and Director of Strategic and Global Force Analysis.

• April 4, 2002 - Former U. S. Navy pilot
Michael Fortin of L-3 Link Simulation and Training presented a program on the history of flight simulation, from the earliest efforts to train pilots on the ground to modern simulations controlled by powerful digital computers. Mike has over 25 years of experience in the field of flight simulation, and flew the A-4 Skyhawk and the A-7 Corsair II while serving in the Navy and as an acceptance pilot at LTV Aerospace in Grand Prairie, Texas.

• May 2, 2002 - Former DFW resident Jay Miller was welcomed back home by a full house of well- wishers. Jay is still living in Seattle and working at the
Museum of Flight. He told us of his recent tenure with Paul Allen's warbird museum, updated us on the Me262 project that was transplanted from Texas to Washington, and why trying to save 30 cents on a gallon of avgas can be very expensive - just ask Boeing.

• June 6, 2002 - We met at the
Texas Airplane Factory at Meacham Field in Fort Worth this month. Herb and George Tischler hosted us at their facility to view their current project - flying restorations of four Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (better known as the "Oscar").

• July 2002 - (no meeting, 4th of July holiday)

• August 1, 2002 - Aero Club members and aviation photographers
Ben Kristy and Andy Wolfe brought us beautiful aircraft images and aviation gab to inform and entertain us. Ben showed his shots of the Boneyard at Davis Monthan and Andy took us to the last years Tiger Meet of the Americas and Royal International Air Tatoo meets.

• September 5, 2002 - Lockheed Martin's
Billy Diehl, recently promoted into LM's JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) Program, brought us an exciting and informative briefing on their next generation stealth fighter, the X-35 JSF project. Billy had both video and slide presentations of the X-35 program.

• October 3, 2002 -
Jay Miller was in town to introduce this month's program. Aero Club member and noted B-26 pilot John Dinou assembled a B-26 Marauder Panel Discussion program, featuring several members of the Marauder Men of the Metroplex to present a Living History of the B-26. Panel members included Bob Bouse, Ken Brower, Larry Alberts and John McClung. The continuing mission of the Marauder Men of the Metroplex is the preservation of the Martin B-26 Marauder for its rightful place in history. This was a special opportunity to see and hear the men who performed and lived this WWII service to our great country. Larry Alberts proudly exhibited his beautiful 1:8 scale model of the B-26 Marauder. The model is nine feet long with an eight foot wingspan.

• November 7, 2002 -
Stanley Kakol gave an excellent presentation on the Bell X-22A V/STOL ducted propeller research aircraft. Stanley was the Chief Test Pilot for Bell Aerospace Corporation and was at the controls on the first flight of the X-22A on March 17, 1966. Along with a wide selection of slides, Stan had a video of the X-22 crash landing - including his rather hasty exit from the downed craft!

• December 5, 2002 - we returned to Bodacious BBQ this month for a presentation by
Jay Carter, Jr. on the CarterCopter Gyroplane. Jay explained how he plans to do the "impossible" by flying his CarterCopter coast-to-coast, unrefueled! The innovative efforts and "never say never" approach to engineering was truly impressive.