Lone Star Aero Club - 2005 Meetings

• January, 2005 - no meeting this month, Happy New Year!!!

• February 2, 2005 - NASA's
Dave Lavery gave a presentation on the highly successful Mars Rover program, including images downloaded earlier that same day from Mars, to a standing room only audience.

• March 3, 2005 -
Henry Madgwick, President of the No.1 British Flying Training School Museum, presented an overview of British Pilot Training in the United States during the First and Second World Wars, with emphasis on training in the the North Texas area during WW II.

• April 7, 2005 -
Astronaut 'Hoot' Gibson, Five Time Space Shuttle Veteran, Six Time Aviation/ Space World Record Holder, filled the C.R. Smith American Airlines Museum Theater to capacity. 'Hoot' is an articulate aviation/space speaker, and avid EAA promoter, and shared excerpts of his stellar career in U.S. Aviation/Space History.

• May 5, 2005 - Fellow Aero Club member,
Ben Allen, entertained and enlightened us with a presentation about his flying career in the F-100 Super Sabre and as a Vietnam combat pilot in F-105 Thunderchiefs.

• June 2, 2005 - Our guest speaker was
Major Wayne Kuschel a veteran of WW II, Army Air Corps Trainee, and U.S. Air Force flight test engineer/pilot. Wayne flight tested, engineered and piloted some fifty different aircraft includong a B-36 Peacemaker Bomber that dropped and exploded an ATOMIC BOMB. Major Kuschel has authored an exciting personal history titled "Against All Odds".

• July 2005 - (no meeting, 4th of July holiday)

• August 4, 2005 - We met at Bell Helicopter Textron's main plant in Hurst, Texas for a briefing by
J. J. Janovetz on Bell's early tilt-rotor successes, designing and flying the XV-3, which led to the highly successful XV-15 Tiltrotor, and paved the way for the V-22 Osprey. J.J.'s briefing was followed by an escorted visit to the back hangar to view Bell's restoration project on the only surviving XV-3, which is nearing 90% completion.

• September 1, 2005 - Our guest speaker was
Dennis A. Tuck, a retired Naval Aviator and author of his book, FROM THE PIPER CUB TO THE CONCORDE SST. Dennis is a respected Experimental Test Pilot with career experience flying more than 130 different models of aircraft including the exotic Concorde SST supersonic commercial airliner.

• October 6, 2005 - This month met at the
Frontiers of Flight Museum for a very special guest, Apollo 7 Astronaut Walt Cunningham. Walt crewed on the first manned test flight of the Saturn 1B launch vehicle in October 1968. Apollo 7's success paved the way for the United States lunar landings and exploration. This was a great opportunity to see and hear a prominent space pioneer.

• November 3, 2005 - We returned to the
American Airlines C. R. Smith Museum to hear Robert J. (Bob) Gilliland, distinguished Lockheed Skunk Works test pilot. Bob Gilliland performed the first flight of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird on December 22, 1964. Bob's illustrious career includes U.S. Naval Academy graduation, USAF pilot training, Korean combat flying, and extensive classified flying for the Lockheed Skunk Works.

• December 1, 2005 - Our guest speaker was
Capt. William Ippolito (Ret.) who has authored an entertaining read about many humorous experiences he witnessed as a long time Delta Airline pilot. Capt. Ippolito also signed copies of his book titled "Leaving On A Jet Plane".