Lone Star Aero Club - 2006 Meetings

• January, 2006 - no meeting this month, Happy New Year!!!

• February 2, 2006 - Our guest speaker was
Jay Miller, founding Father of the Lone Star Aero Club, noted aviation writer, publisher, consultant, appraiser, photographer, International authority on aviation books, and worthy member of the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. Jay presented an exceptional powerpoint viewing of the last several years in his always interesting aviation experiences ranging from airshows (2005 EAA Oshkosh), aircraft restorations, to International Society of Aviation Photographers field trips (2004 Nellis AFB Red Flag Photo Ops and 2005 National Air & Space Museums in D.C.)

• March 2, 2006 - Our guest speaker was
"Hank" Baird, Jr. Hank was Chief Test Pilot for Republic Aviation and Lear Jet Industries, and is respected for his "first flights" of numerous aircraft including the XF-84H, F-105B, and several Learjets. Hank's resume lists a broad spectrum of aircraft he has proudly flown - from P-51s to F-16s, DC-3s to 747s, B-25s to B-52s, and Learjets to Gulfstreams.

• April 6, 2006 - Our program featured two pilots with experience flying the exciting
F-111 Swingwing Aardvark. One pilot was John Kummer, who flew USAF F-111s. The other pilot was Phil Ostreicher, well known General Dynamics test pilot, who also is in the record book as first flight pilot of the prototype F-16. Both speakers delivered a most informative and entertaining aviation program. Extra added attractions included a broad display of F-111 detailed models and special F-111 projected film.

• May 4, 2006 - We met at the
Cavanaugh Flight Museum at Addison Airport for a short meeting/briefing on Museum. The Cavanaugh Flight Museum is noted for it's excellent Warbird Collection, most of which are in flying condition.

• June 1, 2006 - We met at the
OV-10 Bronco Association Museum at Meacham Airfield in Ft Worth. The OV-10 Group provided the program with a couple of their combat seasoned pilots educating us on the 'real deal' of Forward Observing in Combat and other niceties of their honored experiences.

• July 2006 - (no meeting, 4th of July holiday)

• August 3, 2006 - World renowned aviation writer, publisher, and photographer,
Jay Miller, presented an aviation slide show identification contest with prizes for the top scores.

• September 7, 2006 -
"Redtails to the Rescue: History of the Tuskegee Airmen" the detailed and impressive history of the Tuskegee Airmen from inception, World War II combat, to present time activities was presented by Sean Glaspell and C. B. Rice. Highlights included video footage, many pertinent facts about these ground breaking airmen, and their determination to serve our country with valor in our time of need.

• October 5, 2006 - This month's program featured the
Bell Helicopter HSL Twin Rotor Navy Anti-Submarine Aircraft that brought Bell Helicopter to the Fort Worth area in the early 1950's. Tommy Thomason (retired Bell executive) has written a Monograph on the Bell HSL and briefed the audience on it's history via PowerPoint/lecture. Tommy sold and autographed copies of his Bell HSL Book.

• November 1, 2006 -
Lt. Col. Rob "Smokey" Ray, an F-16 Fighting Falcon combat pilot in the Alabama Air Guard, presented a program that included many of his experiences during three tours of duty fighting in the Middle East. Lt. Col. Ray has 20+ years flying the F-16C in numerous close air support missions. Smokey's program was a special opportunity to hear first hand accounts of aerial combat operations in Iraq.

• December 7, 2006 - Our program featured
Rich Martindell, a retired USAF F-15 Eagle pilot. Rich has been based stateside as well as Europe and Thailand flying both F-4 Phantoms and F-15 Eagles. This was the Lone Star Aero Club's first experience hosting a pilot for the long time U.S. F-15 air superiority fighter jet. Rich is an accomplished aviation author, air defense flight leader, and safety officer.