Lone Star Aero Club - 2007 Meetings

• January 31, 2007 - The February meeting was switched to Wednesday January 31st, allowing us to join the
B-58 Reunion/Program. The B-58 Program celebrated the 50th Anniversary of it's first flight on November 11th, 1956. Jay Miller, Erasmo Pinero, local chapter of Society of Flight Test Engineers, and the museum staff worked diligently to make this celebration a resounding success. Jay moderated the program featuring Fitz Fulton (noted B-58 and XB-70 test pilot) and a stellar panel of engineers and crew members. The meeting included a social time, barbeque dinner, videos, and elite speakers.

• March 1, 2007 - Our meeting featured
Colonel Knox Bishop (Ret.) and highlighted his broad knowledge about the Rockwell International B-1B Lancer variable-geometry (swing-wing) bomber. Knox is a fellow Aero Club member and is on record as favoring his flying experiences in the BONE. Knox's notable Air Force career also includes piloting the General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark. Knox's concise and factual presentation style provided us with a very enlightening entertaining evening.

• April 5, 2007 - Noted military historian
Richard S. Lowry, author of two Best Selling books, "Marines in the Garden of Eden" and "The Gulf War Chronicles", presented an indepth look at the military war in Iraq and the latest strategy being implemented. Richard also gave insights on aviation support in Iraq. This program was a special opportunity to see and hear an author that has extensively researched the Iraq military actions and recorded them for history to judge.

• May 4, 2007 -
Dave Lavery, a NASA engineer/spokesperson presented a program on the continuing explorations of the two Mars Rover vehicles. Dave is a dynamic speaker who is fully versed on the groudbreaking exciting adventures of the Rovers. Scientific milestones are being advanced everyday and stunning images are constantly beamed 49 million miles to NASA here on Mother Earth.

• June's meeting was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute when our guest speaker fell ill.

• July 2007 - (no meeting, 4th of July holiday)

• August 2, 2007 - Our program featured renowned pilot/test pilot
Paul Metz. Paul notably flew F-105 Wild Weasels in Vietnam before signing on as a test pilot for Northrop Aviation flying F-5's, F-20's and the YF-23 prototype. Paul also continued his stellar test pilot career flying the Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor.

• September 6, 2007 -
Jan Collmer, nationally known airshow acrobatic performer and present Chairman of the DFW Airport Board, presented an inside look at DFW Airport operations and a firsthand appreciation as a respected airshow acrobatic performer. Jan's presentation was highlighted with impressive video of his aerial skills showcased around our nation. Jan is a great ambassador of aviation for the Metroplex and his passion for all aspects of the world of aviation is second to none. He is a polished performer and speaker that is a tireless promoter of all things aviation.

• October 4, 2007 -
Andy Wolfe, flight test photographer and videographer, presented vivid newest generation military aircraft photos and video. Andy is gainfully employed by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and is currently assigned to one of most aviation photographer's dream locations, Edwards Air Force Base. Andy suffers through air-to-air shoots as a backseater in F-16s chasing F-22 Raptors and logged time clicking away at early test flights of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter here in Fort Worth. Andy has earned his stripes in aviation photography and his presentation reflected the quality of his efforts as well as selected images of co-workers.

• October 31, 2007 - Test pilot
Wolf Czaia gave his observations on test flying new replicated Messerschmitt Me 262 twin jet World War II aircraft at Paine Field near Seattle, Wa. The Me 262 replica project started here at Meacham Airport Ft. Worth ten plus years ago and three of a possible five aircraft have been completed just north of Seattle. These unique aircraft commemorate the world's first operational jet fighters that shocked the Allied Forces with their superior speed in the later stages of World War II. Wolf Czaia is a former German F-104 Starfighter pilot, American Airlines flight instructor, and now test flies these amazing Me 262s. Wolf presented flight videos as well as many insights from piloting these magnificent world renowned jet aircraft.

• December 6, 2007 - World War II
P-38 Lightning Ace Jack Tatum spoke about his aerial combat experiences while flying this highly popular aircraft. Jack is an entertaining and informative speaker who made this rare appearance worth every effort to attend. A WWII Ace, Jack Tatum is credited with seven (7) aerial victories in the European Theater. --->