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Bill Wait
Aviation Heritage of North Texas

The arrival of the first aircraft to land in Fort Worth
flown by Roland Garros
in November of 1911 thru the early 1950s.

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Bill joined the California Wing of the Civil Air Patrol at age 14. As a cadet, he studied CAP Certificate of Proficiency courses, participated in search-and-rescue missions, and attended a 2-week summer camp at an Air Force base every summer.

At age 16, Bill learned of an aviation museum opening up nearby, and was one of the first four people to be hired. He got paid for working the admission booth, volunteered for tasks such as maintaining static displays and working on restoration projects.

After attending a 2-year junior college and taking
Air Force ROTC, he transferred to San Diego State, which also offered Air Force ROTC. That ended his museum and CAP days, but he graduated with a history degree and a commission in the Air Force.

His first assignment after
Aircraft Maintenance Officer School was for 4 1⁄2 years at Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX, on organizational and field maintenance of C-130s. Next he was assigned as Squadron Material Officer (both a/c maintenance and supply) for the 18th Special Operations Squadron AC-119K gunships. After training at Rickenbacker AFB, he island-hopped across the Pacific to deliver the aircraft to Phan Rang, Vietnam.

Coming home, he was reassigned back to Vietnam as
Maintenance Control Officer for the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing at Bien Hoa Air Base, over two squadrons of A-37s and one squadron of F-100 Super Sabers. When the F-100s returned stateside and the A-37s were turned over to the Vietnamese AF, he was reassigned to the 834th Air Division at Tan San Nhut.

After Vietnam, he was assigned as commander of
Field Training Detachment 532 at Holloman AFB, NM, then to Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls as a weapon systems training manager to conclude his 11 1⁄2-year career.

After failing at running a Model Hobby shop, Bill joined
Bell Helicopter as a helicopter maintenance controller at Bell’s overhaul facility in Tehran for the Iranian Army. The revolution in Iran put an end to that job and led to two boring non-aerospace jobs until he was able to get back on with Bell as a program scheduler on the V-22 Osprey program, then at the Bell Flight Test Center as a flight test scheduler.
Once the V-22 program became its own cost center, he was promoted to manager of program scheduling for new development. He stayed on at Bell in this capacity and
retired after 20 years in 2006.

In 1980, Bill joined the
Air Force Reserve at Carswell AFB to finish his Air Force career. He worked first as an aircraft maintenance controller, then as maintenance control supervisor, and retired with 26 years of service in 1995.

In retirement, Bill looked for volunteer opportunities at air museums in the area. He found a good match at
Cavanaugh and is now the Volunteer Coordinator there.
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